About the project

Science and mathematics are considered by school teachers to be a hard domain for students to study and deeply comprehend. Indeed, the mathematics domain consists of concepts that traditional teaching methods cannot properly teach.One of the hardest parts of teaching math to students is keeping them interested in the topic. An excellent method for maintaining student attention is to engage them in activities that feel like games instead of practice.

The MATHESIS project targets to cover the math classes with various learning activities offered in the 3D Virtual Worlds that are more attractive, engaging and entertaining for school pupils and will also make learning more effective.

The game-based 3D virtual learning environment will support formal and informal learning and also synchronous and asynchronous learning activities. The immersive capabilities that can offer constitute a great way to attract student's interest, stimulate and engage them in proper and effective learning approaches that promote active learning and cultivate students’ critical thinking. It will also offer innovative learning activities and the virtual educational platform that will be developed will support students’ active learning, allowing learners to experiment and put theoretical knowledge into practice. A special part of the virtual reality environment concerns the virtual laboratories that will be designed to facilitate students to carry experiments, explore procedures and get a deeper cognition and understanding of how procedures are conducted and things/phenomena work. The project`s general objective is to modernize and enhance the quality and the effectiveness of school education and the attractiveness of EU school education with the utilization of innovative educational ICT like virtual reality and the specific objectives are the following:

OS1: To increase the teachers and education centers interest in using ICT as a teaching method by publishing 1 Best practices Guide in using ICT as an innovative teaching method for pupils in mathematics field

OS2: To reduce the difficulty of learning the hard topics of mathematics identified with 20%

OS3: To promote and implement the 3D World as an innovative teaching method in schools from each country (at least 2/partner)

OS4: To increase the results of the students at the evaluation exams with 30% in each country


The project addresses to:

  • students and teachers from secondary schools and upper secondary education, in private/public sector,
  • policy makers involved in mathematics education,
  • pedagogic institutes,
  • ministries of education in national level and all authorities in charge of school education and mainly on mathematics and science,
  • networks, organizations and associations in national and European level with direct activities and involved in school education.


Duration: 24 months


Project title: Attracting students’ interest in mathematics and improving their skills, comprehension and performance with the use of a virtual reality educational platform
Project code: 2020-1-RO01-KA201-080410
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