The project will produce outputs that are completely new and innovative in terms of learning methods in math education, content of courses and youth training approaches in virtual reality environments. Through synergic effect of international cooperation, transfer of innovation and development of innovations and additional values, the 6 partners from 5 countries set up main intellectual outcomes of the project:


IO1: Reports, Good Practices and Roadmaps in teaching mathematics at secondary and upper secondary level around Europe

The guide aims to propose a new approach in the education field, especially in the mathematics, by revealing the great potential and benefits of the new technologies in teaching/learning processes nowadays.The guide will be available online for interested parties, involved in school education and training, that can take advantage of the findings. Other trainers or institutions may study this guide and use it to design or improve their own courses or pedagogical approaches.
Download IO1 report from here.


IO2: Design of Curriculum, Innovative Educational Material and Courses for Mathematics Education

The Curriculum will be based on the need analysis performed in the previous Intellectual Output(O1), and the results of the reports prepared. Also, the curriculum will be designed on two levels, for secondary school students and high-school students, based on their level and learning needs in mathematics, taking into account the topics which involve learning difficulties (hard topics). The Curriculum will be available for everyone to view, use and adapt for their own courses and the learning material will also be available to be reused by other trainers or institutions for their lessons.
Download Educational Material and Courses from here.


IO3: Game-based 3D Virtual World Educational Platform

The platform will contain the learning material prepared in the previous output, as well as a series of learning activities (3D and Web based) that will be designed and implemented as part of this output. The 3D Platform will have some common areas with suitable functionality for conducting basic training sessions with the students and the teacher.
For more information about connecting to Virtual 3D World click here.


IO4: Design and formulation of an Open Content Repository with OERs

The repository is very important in order to allow interested trainers to use and adapt the learning resources created for this project.The visitors of the repository will be free to create an account and log in to the platform. This will allow them to enter a forum with various topics and threads. Trainers will be able to have discussions with the designers of the 3D World and other users. Additionally they will be able to post their own material and potentially contribute to improve and expand the 3D World. Users of the repository will be able to modify their profile and follow other users similar to social platforms.
Open Content Repository can be accessed here.

Project title: Attracting students’ interest in mathematics and improving their skills, comprehension and performance with the use of a virtual reality educational platform
Project code: 2020-1-RO01-KA201-080410
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